Project scope

Research on the biological value of Ionian Islands' grape products (wine, raisins) and by-products

Project Summary:

In recent years, the promotion of Greek products is considered of major importance in order to strengthen the country’s economy and to make local products associated with beneficial health effects widely known. Among the products produced in the Ionian Islands are wine and raisins.
Epidemiological data support that moderate wine consumption is associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease as well as the beneficial effects of raisin consumption.

In this context this project studies the specific characteristics that the products of the Ionian Islands have, deriving from grapes (wine, raisins). In particular, varieties of white/red wines as well as raisinswill be selected, their bioactive ingredients will be tested and their biological properties will be examined in order to highlight their nutritional value. At the same time, by-products resulting from the winemaking process will be received, their components will be extracted and their biological properties will be examined in order to provide a cheap source of bio-active ingredients for other applications.

Local Grape Varieties

See the studied local grape varieties.

Studied White/Red Wine Varieties

See the local wine products of the grapes of the Ionian Islands.

Local Raisins

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